Stratford residents have been warned tonight that owing to the discovery of a number of decapitated swans floating in the River Avon the Crocodile alert has been raised from white to YELLOW.

The environment agency issued the following urgent statement.

‘Owing to the recent discovery of a number of dead swans in the River Avon tonight and following the results of an examination and autopsy that revealed teeth marks from what is probably a crocodile, the public have been warned to stay away from the riverbank.

Although there is a temptation, especially in the current weather conditions to feed the wild fowl on the river, there is a great danger to pedestrians (and pet animals alike) to possibly lose a limb or another important part of their body, to whatever is lurking there’. Please take note…THIS IS A SERIOUS YELLOW CROCODILE ALERT.

bottom feeders
Decapitated Swans



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