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When Roman Dewdrop left for work yesterday morning he was amazed to find two policemen and a removal van parked outside his front door.

Perhaps he wouldn’t have been so surprised if he’s realised earlier that it was highly irregular if not illegal for a family of 6 to be living in Stratford’s beloved American Fountain.

The explanation Mr Dewdrop gave to the police, Council officials and The Stratfordian was even more bizarre than his living arrangements…

‘I had really no idea that our living arrangements were forbidden. Especially as I’ve been playing rent on a regular basis for the past six months to a Gentlemen called Nadhim Bizzaro, who told me he was the landlord.

In fact, the only time we saw him was when he came round for the rent and as he was always in a hurry mumbling something about ‘having to feed the horses’ we never got to having a conversation. Anyway, we just had no idea we were doing wrong.

Of course, we’re all devastated and more than a little embarrassed. My wife hasn’t stopped crying yet.

I have to be honest and say that when we stop and think about it, we did find it a little odd that so many people stared at us every time we popped out for fresh air. And believe me, there was a lot of popping out for fresh air because as you can imagine it was a little cramped in there, although we didn’t like to make too much of it as the views from the children’s narrow bedrooms were spectacular and made up for the confined space.

We’re just hoping that the Council will take no further action as it’s bad enough to lose your home. A fine or something on those lines would be horrendous.’

Police told the Stratfordian this morning that there would be no further action taken against the Dewdrop family as they were the innocent victims of a hoax.  They also stated that they were on the look out for the fraudster Nadhim Bizzaro, who is believed to live in the Stratford area.


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