Excerpts from The Book of Stratford upon Avon.

‘The William’. Chapter 1. V.1-9

1…and it came to pass that in that town a child of great wisdom was born. 2. Such greatness did God bestow upon him that in later years the people did build a temple to his name. 3. Pilgrims from many lands came to lay at this wise man’s feet plaudits and praise. 4. So much were the people in awe of the wise man that they forgot their God and lay the wise man shoulder to shoulder with God in God’s own temple to be worshipped with God. 5. And God was displeased and sent fire to destroy the temple to the wise man. And the wise man’s temple fell to ashes. 6. Such was the people’s blindness and deafness to the word of God that the temple was rebuilt once more in the wise man’s name. 7. And God wept at foolishness of his beloved. 8. Yet In his infinite mercy he granted his children another chance, wishing upon them the ability to see their own unfaithfulness and make good. 9. God, being in no great hurry and aware of the flaws in his creation, drums his Holy fingers on his Holy table and waits.

‘The Wheel’. Chapter 5. V 1-5.

1…and in this land they built a giant wheel for the people to ride. 2. And those that chose to revolve upon the wheel were taken to great heights to observe land and rooftops. 3. And the wheel did revolve thrice. 4. Whereupon the mighty wheel’s passengers witnessed the same land and rooftops they had witnessed before. 5. And the people were mightily and easily pleased.

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