Elephant Pulling Cart to Lead Next Year’s Shakespeare Birthday Parade

By The Stratfordian | November 15, 2019

An elephant pulling a cart full of orphaned children is one of the ideas mooted by Stratford Town Council to ‘liven up’ next years Shakespeare’s birthday celebrations.

elephant pulling cart

Not actual elephant (or cart – or orphaned children)

Town Crier and Chairman of the Celebrations Committee Arthur Loudly told The Stratfordian that..

‘Many of today’s councillors are fully aware of the boring and rag-tag nature of previous Birthday celebrations. We all realise that something must be done urgently to elicit more interest and bring in much-needed spondolicks. The coffers are running low and we feel that an elephant pulling a cart full of orphaned children could do the trick and put us back on the road to profit. It goes without saying that this is of course, not our only objective. There is the entertainment factor to consider.

An elephant pulling a cart full of sad-faced children would not only provide much amusement for the spectators but would also bring with it a boat-load of sympathy. Thus incorporating elements of most of the Bard’s plays’.



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