Down but not out

I have to apologise for not posting as much as I’d like and venting my own spleen. I am down but not out.

This is all to an illness that I suspect would fit the description of ‘Covid’ but to be honest, who knows anymore? And anyway, I can’t afford the kit that would confirm my suspicion.

We seem plagued (see what I did there?) by all sorts of bugs, viruses and mystery illnesses these days that to be honest apart from making me sick also makes me very suspicious.

I don’t want to get into conspiracy theory territory here but let’s face it, this must be one of those rare times in history (see; Indulgences) where our shared misfortune appears to have the dual effect of making someone/something richer. I offer as evidence m’lud, the aforementioned COVID, and the vast profits that were made from protective clothing, medical kits from China etc, etc.

venting spleenIt’s become very plain to me that there is always a vulture sitting on a high branch somewhere. Usually a Tory, he/she gazes down on our misfortune wondering how to make a fast buck out of it. The recent performance of our politicians appears to confirm this.

Millions was made on the back of death and lingering illness which, while it leaves me quivering with anger and yearning for justice allows them, to get away with their pockets lined.

Not only are these powerful people literally getting away with a) murder, but b) they are the same time, attempting by so-called ‘legal’ methods, to shut us up.

They know that we know so…We have to learn to shout louder.

We have to explore ways to defy the coming laws that are designed to muffle and silence us. 

We have to devise better and more effective methods of protest. 

The days of mass protest are more than likely over.

Think small.


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Author: IanF

Ian is a Stratfordian and quite angry about all sorts of things, Local, National and in fact, everything World-Wide. For the sake of his mental health he has chosen to Vent his Spleen in a blog. He advises YOU dear reader to do the same.

I would be interested to know your thoughts...

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