Death by Traffic

This argument concerning Traffic Congestion has been dragging on for as long as I can remember and still Stratford upon Avon finds itself choking on its own fumes. And inevitably, as the years roll by the traffic increases and the problem gets worse and dare I say it, more dangerous in terms of health.

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It’s not as though the authorities are unaware of the complaints, more like the problem is being ignored.

Personally, I think those responsible for the problem are stuck in what they see as a rock and a hard place. Restrict traffic and Town income goes down.

Is it as simple as that or is there something I am missing…?

What do you think? Why is the problem being ignored? Is it being ignored? What’s the solution?

Traffic frustration builds

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Author: IanF

Ian is a Stratfordian and quite angry about all sorts of things, Local, National and in fact, everything World-Wide. For the sake of his mental health he has chosen to Vent his Spleen in a blog. He advises YOU dear reader to do the same.

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