Ho – Ho – Ho. Christmas confusion reigns…

From the Stratford upon Avon Herald

THIS year’s Victorian Christmas market in Stratford could be changed to avoid the traffic congestion and overcrowding seen at last December’s event.

Instead of a four-day market – starting on the Thursday and running to the Sunday – the 2024 festive market could take place over two weekends.

Stratford District Council’s cabinet will consider the changes when it meets next Monday (4th March) following anger from residents and workers who suffered long delays as thousands of people descended on the town between 7th and 10th December 2023.

Hurrah. I see the District Council in an effort to reduce overcrowding, traffic mess-ups etc have decided to change the make-up of the highly popular Christmas (and very slightly Victorian) Market.

Instead of a four-day market they, in their wisdom have decided on a…er…um…four-day market.

Hang on…

Oh yes, I think I get it.

Instead of a four-day market spread over a continual four days, leading to much mayhem and confusion, they have decided on a Christmas market over two weekends…er…adding up to er…four days-over what usually are busy weekends anyway???

Just a sec… I-er-but-um….


Doesn’t that mean, (I could be wrong here) but doesn’t that mean the madness and confusion will now be spread over er…two weekends?

And if you take away the number you first thought of and divide it by two whilst at the same time engaging in an exotic dance with a banana up your bum…

Doesn’t that mean that on the face of things er…nothing has really changed? In fact, things could possibly end up er…worse?

I give up. Headache alert…from Stratford upon avon

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Author: IanF

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