‘Confused Americans’ Claim to be members of vanished Ghost Tour circa 1964

By The Stratfordian | January 29, 2020

levi jeans circa 1960An early morning dog walker was in for a shock when he came across a group of Confused Americans wandering about Holy Trinity’s churchyard in the early hours of Friday morning. Things were only going to get worst for the surprised dog walker when the confused Americans claimed to be members of a ghost walk/tour that vanished without trace in the summer of 1964.
The dog walker (who wishes to remain anonymous) told The Stratfordian that he remembers the case well…

‘I may have been only a boy, but I remember the details well. It was the talk of our school playground. How a group of American tourists on a midnight walk around the graveyard at Holy Trinity vanished into thin air.

It didn’t register at first until I noticed that everyone of the Americans were wearing fashions one would only associate with the 1960’s. I hadn’t seen so many flared Levi’s for years The other odd thing was everyone of them was on the young side, no-one had really aged…if this is a hoax then it has been brilliantly executed.’

An official police statement released an hour ago states that…
Those involved were being cared for at a local hospital. Rumours and counter rumours should at this time be discounted until all the facts are established. When this is so, a press conference will be called.


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