Childrens entertainer disappears in vanishing cabinet

By | 18th January 2020

When ‘Mr Surprise’ magician and clown, was hired for little Thomas (surname withheld) 8th birthday party, no-one expected such a joyful event would end so disturbingly with police being called. 

Thomas ‘ father takes up the story…

‘Basically, it was the end of Mister Surprise’ act. The grand finale so to speak. We’d hired this particular magician and clown because he came with all the gear. Sophisticated magic tricks not just rabbit out of the hat kind of stuff. Clever stuff. Illusions. The kind of thing that would take the kids breath away. Cost and arm and a leg but it was worth it. Until the last trick…

To cut a long story short, it was the old vanishing cabinet trick. He climbed into the cabinet as you would expect. Shut the door…and well…he didn’t come out.

First of all it was funny, you know everyone giggling, laughing that sort of thing. But after about 20 minutes it was obvious, at least to the adults present that something was wrong. The kids weren’t that bothered. They just sort of carried on with the party. The adults in the room waited for another 10 minutes and then trying not to frighten the kids we took action. We dismantled the cabinet.
Not a sign. Nothing. He was gone. Well and truly. We called the police’.

A spokesperson for Warwickshire police issued this statement…

‘We’ve looked into this incident thoroughly and have come to the conclusion that there was none of your actual magic involved. What we can say for certain is there was a warrant out for Stanislav Gorbachev (Mister Surprise) and this ‘trick’ was merely a successful attempt to avoid arrest. We don’t know how Gorbachev did this, but we do have a forensic team at the site investigating. I would like to reiterate that there was definitely no magic involved. This was a crude and yet effective method of escape that unfortunately involved children. The sooner we get to the bottom of this the better for all involved’.

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