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The Royal Shakespeare Theatre – Crumbs from the High Table.

Let’s get one thing clear. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is without doubt, world class. The quality of its output is second to none and its pool of talent, well-chosen. Its record speaks for itself and anyone who says otherwise is … Continue reading

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The Peony Pagoda Plot thickens…

I see this amazing gift from China has mysteriously began to cause accidents at an already traffic black spot. And to some it has also now become (even though not yet constructed), a ‘monstrosity’ AND an ‘eyesore’. As indignation, dissent and … Continue reading

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You know what you can do with your Chinese Peony Pavilion…

Interesting to note that when I searched for ‘Stratford upon Avon’s Chinese Pagoda’ all I got was a list of eating houses. Of course what I should have searched for was ‘Stratford upon Avon’s Chinese Peony Pavilion’. However, my mistake … Continue reading

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Onward…and over the cliff we go…

I’m sorry to be so transparent but thank God that’s over. 2018, unless you won the lottery was, shit. The world had the idiot Trump to contend with and the UK has Brexit and a robot for Prime Minister. The … Continue reading

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Stratman’s solution to the rapidly approaching shopping Armageddon

Quite a few years ago now when I was cool and even though I say so myself, was admired by many for being at the height of fashion, I used to buy a lot of my clothes from a place … Continue reading

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‘There’s nothing for our young people to do’.

One of the most popular (and annoying) cries that goes up around these parts on a regular basis is ‘There’s nothing for our young people to do’. Personally (and even when I was a young person), I have never understood … Continue reading

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Goodbye Old Friend

One of the things that is inevitable if you live in Stratford-upon-Avon for any amount of time (5 years?), is the development of certain ‘tics’ or ‘symptoms’. Unfortunately, there’s no cure and no satisfying explanation, they just happen and you … Continue reading

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