Guns for Good: The scourge of the firearm.

The StratfordianI think the most obvious thing that America faces is that it is too late and in fact, impossible to rid itself of the scourge of the firearm. They have made this bed and now they must lie in it. The best they can do is…tinker. Unfortunately, the wherewithal to do even that appears not to be there.

No matter how many adults and children are shot criminally dead the powers, those in charge appear to be frozen to the spot. Tasked with just making it a little bit more difficult for the insane, slightly mad and those in between to acquire a gun they are stuck. And I can see why.

Mainly, because it would make no difference.

It’s pretty obvious that even if gun sales were banned (not gonna happen partner) there are enough firearms around to be sold underground to any nutter who wants one. Let’s face it with their relationship to the great god Money,  the average American family could make a few extra dollars selling their armoury on the black market.

The fact is, America is a hotbed of extreme views. A country/continent where Them and Us is impossible due to every view under the sun having a voice, backed up in a lot of cases by violence.

Everyone in America appears afraid of their neighbour. And protecting their family from the crazies down the road is understandably, a priority.

The sad thing is, the crazies down the road are not restricted. It appears that they have every chance of achieving the so-called American Dream.

One day they could rule. Just look at recent history.

America, in my view is lost. Primitives with money and power who, given time will destroy themselves. Trouble is, they may take us down with them.

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