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Hold the Front Page

By The Stratfordian | May 21, 2020

HOLD THE FRONT PAGE …SCOOP… CLICK ME FOR BIG REVEAL Why, oh why oh why…  …is The Stratford upon Avon Herald in the greasy administrators hands when it can still pull in Headline news like this. ‘On the ball’. ‘Ear to the street’. ‘The Heartbeat of the Community’ all clichés admittedly but everyone applying to… Read More »

A serious comment

By The Stratfordian | May 3, 2020

Let me make a serious comment for a moment, The Stratfordian is getting a bit fed up with posts appearing on various Social Media suggesting that we should somehow let the Government ‘off the hook’. These posts are pushing the ridiculous idea that we should stop criticising Government Policy and basically let them get on… Read More »