Staff at Stratford upon Avon’s Butterfly farm had a terrible shock when they arrived for work this morning. Their entire living collection of butterflies from all over the world was nowhere to be seen.
Stunned Head butterfly keeper Geoffrey Sting told the Stratfordian that…

…members of staff were in tears to find everything gone. Our first thought was that someone had left a window open but that theory was soon proved wrong when we spotted our most recent acquisition, the Giant African Vampire Butterfly sitting on the concrete floor looking very pleased with itself. To our uttermost horror and astonishment it didn’t take long to realise what had happened. This monster butterfly with a wingspan of nearly three feet had devoured our entire stock.

We had acquired the African Butterfly only last week and were well aware of the stories and legends that accompanied its existence but didn’t believe a single world. We have sadly, been proved wrong. All I can say to our loyal customers, school parties included, is please be patient. Attempts as I speak are being made to capture the African Butterfly but as I hope everyone can appreciate this is a dangerous procedure. There has already been one injury, thankfully not life-threatening. As soon as it is safe to do so we will replenish our stock with an altogether safer species, reopen and welcome our regular visitors with relief and open arms’.

The immanis papilionem

<—————-wing span 3ft————–>

The immanis papilionem

The Stratfordian


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