Just a quick ‘Well Done’ to the organisers of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ march in Stratford upon Avon. Great to see the number of young people on the march and also have to say congratulations on a great turnout (500?) too.

Of course, when you get this sort of thing happening there’s always a lot of negativity too but that’s to be expected. In my mind that it in itself celebrates two things.

  1. We have a working Democracy.

  2. We have an appalling education system.


To all those who say ‘All Lives Matter’ I would want to say, I doubt if there was anyone on the march who would disagree with you. You are quite right. ‘All Lives Do indeed Matter’.


The BLM movement is not saying otherwise but merely pointing out the fact that in terms of Justice and Privilege, Black Lives appear to matter less.

If somehow you still don’t get it, then stop buying the ‘Sun’ or the ‘Daily Mail’ and try your best to inform yourself without the so-called help of these heavily biased papers. I apologise if I sound patronising, it is not my intention. I just want everyone to see through the crap and take advantage of the varied sources of information that are becoming more available in this great country of ours. ‘Newspapers’ like the Mail sell their wares by appealing to base instincts and gut reactions. That is the way they turn a coin.

That is not to say that other newspapers do not do the same.

Just beware. Whatever you read to inform yourself take time out to look beneath the Headlines and reasons why. If you have the time, look at the history of some of the papers I have mentioned. You will note a trend.


The sermon endeth here. Peace to you all.

the stratfordian




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