stratford's Bigfoot?Mysterious recent sightings of a ‘Bigfoot’ type creature on the outskirts of Stratford upon Avon have recently been put to rest by local man Norman Angina (81).

Once voted Guinness Book of Record’s ‘Britain’s hairiest man’ and after spending his early working life on various fairgrounds billed as The monster with six fingers on each hand’,  a rather sheepish Norman has come forward to the Stratfordian with a confession.

‘I’m very sorry if I scared people but every now and then I get what I call, the urge. It’s like I feel the need to perform, you know like I used to. Although I’m obviously not as agile as I used to be, I remove all my clothes and run about a bit. It’s very difficult after all those years on the fairs and a bit of TV as ‘Britain’s Hairiest Man’ to lay down the mantle and lead a normal life. Once again I apologise profusely if I frightened anyone’.


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