Banjo player injured in freak accident

By The Stratfordian | February 24, 2020

Sidney ‘Mr Bojangles’ Rump well known street entertainer and banjo player, a regular outside Shakespeare’s Birthplace was injured yesterday trying to play the popular banjo piece ‘Duelling Banjos’ , ‘faster than anyone else has ever played it’.

Eyewitness to the disaster, American tourist and Pastor, Elvis Oppenheimer III told the Stratfordian…

‘We had just come out of the birthplace when we heard the familiar opening bars of ‘Duelling Banjos’, which happens to be a favourite piece of mine. I was a little surprised when I realised there was only one man as this is a recognised duet where I come from. Anyhows, I loaded my camera and stood back ready to be amazed. And amazed I darn well was.

I have never seen anyone play the banjo so incredibly fast. Too fast in fact. It wasn’t long before there was smoke coming off the strings and I swear to almighty God who is my witness in all I do or say, that one or two of the strings were glowing red hot, as hot as the devil’s asshole as we say where I come from. It was then I began to fear for the gentleman’s safety.

Sure, enough within a minute or two the whole malarkey blew up. The banjo I mean. It damn well exploded. Me and Doreen, that’s my little lady, fell to the floor and smoke covered the whole scene. For one second there I thought we had fell victim to one of those damn terrorist attacks that you’all get a lot of over here.

Well, thankfully your emergency services were on the scene quickly and they took the man away. I don’t know how seriously he was injured but our thought and prayers go with him’.

Warwick Hospital issued a statement saying ‘Mr Bojangles had been released from hospital with only minor injuries to his fingertips and testicles.’


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