It’s all a bit sad but I guess to be expected. The fact is, we are not that far from being back to ‘normal’. The number of cars on the road has crept back up, the pubs are er…open (sort of) and everybody seems very keen to ignore the virus, (which, by the way is still with us). We are, in what I call the state of…‘your money or your life’.

The economy we are told must be revived at all cost. That Cost being, sadly, the health of the nation. However, judging by public opinion it is a cost that apparently a majority of the population are  eager and willing to pay. And when this stage is reached in any emergency, there is sadly nowhere else to go.

What we have now is, the law of the jungle. Which by definition means that only the strongest will survive.


Unfortunately, nobody has bothered to inform the Virus of this basic rule. So it will continue to take down who it pleases, regardless of present health or age. With this mind-set one can only conclude that we have a death wish or we are unbelievably, stupid. I think I know what option I would choose.

There was a moment back in the day when I thought we were a nation of fighters. I got it wrong. We were/are a ship of fools.

Sadly, it seems that a large proportion of the population are suffering from Trump-Vision which the Fools-Dictionary defines as;

‘the belief that something (usually negative) will disappear if you don’t think about it’.

Oh well, there’s not a lot any one single person can do. The Genie has been released from the bottle and we all liable to pay the price.

Of course, there is the old adage, ‘ if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ but the thought of spending my last days in the pub discussing the return of the Premier League with idiots, doesn’t really appeal.


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