Well-loved Stratford personality and award winning ‘living statue’ Percy ‘Stationary’ Stanton, was declared dead by medical personnel in the early hours of Saturday morning.
Alerted by a dog walker who was worried that Mr Stanton had been in the same spot (the Bancroft) and motionless for over 48 hours a doctor from a nearby surgery arrived almost immediately.
The Doctor who wishes to remain anonymous said in a statement today…that

‘Mr Stanton was such an expert at his chosen profession of standing perfectly still, that no-one noticed he had been fixed into position for nearly two days. It was only the accumulation of leaves and other autumnal debris on his person that finally caused alarm’

Percy’s funeral has been set for Wednesday of next week and close relatives have asked friends and family who wish to attend, to avoid dark colours and come dressed as characters from Percy’s huge repertoire of ‘living statue’ characters, especially those from ‘The Wizard of Oz’.



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