fairgroundStratford upon Avon’s Annual Mop Fair has made the much-praised decision to go Green as soon as possible.

A spokesperson for the Fairground Group than runs the yearly fair that closes off the streets of Stratford upon Avon told the Stratfordian…

‘We felt the time had come to make some changes in our work-place. Let’s be honest here, there’s no getting away from it, we are and have always been ultra-dependent on the diesel engine.

So, after much discussion we have decided to break away from our reliance on high pollutants and invest in some new clean air thrills for our customers. We have also decided to emphasis our commitment to the family.

Hence our introduction of one or two totally carbon neutral rides.

For instance, currently in development is the ‘Sofa-Drop’ a ride totally relying on manpower. With a serious of ropes and pulleys a family of five seated on a comfy state-of-the-art sofa will be hoisted to a height of 50 feet, allowed to swing in the breeze a bit and then released, stopping 6 inches before total annihilation.

At planning stage, we also have ‘The Family Death Room’ where a family will be introduced into a facsimile of a room in their own house (computer generated). As they get themselves comfortable, we slowly draw the oxygen from the room. The effects caused by lack of breathable air will bring on a highly entertaining display of hallucination and hilarious confusion.

And there is more to come.

We think that the next few years will be exciting, fresh and new, without losing any of the expected and traditional, All the Fun of the Fair aspect.’


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