A word to the wise.

A word to the wise…

Some time ago after a few years training at Salisbury & Wells Theological College I became an Anglican Priest. Ordained in Coventry Cathedral it didn’t take long for me to realise that the life of the traditional clergyman wasn’t for me. I decided that working directly in the community was the way to go.

This meant I could drop all the dressing up and everything that went with the priesthood for at the very least 6 days a week. I could find ‘a proper job’ and become a sort of priest under-cover which would suit me much better.

To cut a long story short I became a worker for MIND the mental health people and various other organisations where I like to think that with my skills I enabled people to find answers etc.

Eventually, the connection to the religious life fell away and with it the faith required to be a clergy person. I resigned from the church. I decided that organised religion was not necessary or needed to carry on with what I saw as my true calling. The ability to work with and for people in need.

It’s taken me a long time to acknowledge the above. I have carried on meeting and talking to people in an effort to enable them to move forward but in all honesty only on an ad hoc basis. The time has come to get organised…to structure my skills in this area…so…this is the first day of a ‘Word to the Wise’.

(I have tried to stay away from the word ‘Counsellor’ but in all honesty it’s the best word I can find to describe what it is I do…)

So…if time with me might help please enquire within…

Email me on wordtothewisecounselling@outlook.com for details. There will be a charge for my services, but we can talk about that…

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