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A Winter’s Tale. The Scrooge Zahawi & the hungry children.

scrooge zahawi,a winter's tale,zahawi,a winters tale, A Winter’s Tale. The Scrooge Zahawi & the hungry children.,

Will Scrooge Zahawi be out this Christmas throwing coins into the snow so hungry children can eat? Or will he be in a cosy warm stable counting his money…?

A star shines over a stable

Where the horses are warm and the owner’s quite able

To feed the children

But ambition comes first

Not hunger nor thirst

Someone else can feed the children.

Subsidies my wine

Pay me thousands for my time

Let someone else feed the children.

A multi-millionaire

Sadly, lacking flair

Who can’t be bothered to feed the children.


Take heed my friend Zahawi,

for it will never last

that knocking you hear upon your door?

Is the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Thanks for your point of view. Much appreciated.

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