a serious commentLet me make a serious comment for a moment,

The Stratfordian is getting a bit fed up with posts appearing on various Social Media suggesting that we should somehow let the Government ‘off the hook’.

These posts are pushing the ridiculous idea that we should stop criticising Government Policy and basically let them get on with it. In other words, we should not ‘rock the boat’.

I just want to say that that is not the Democratic way. Apart from that, it is not the UK’S  way to allow Governments (of any colour) to do anything without an element of ‘Not in my name’.

The Democratic system demands that we hold any Government to account without Fear or Favour. We do not live in a Dictatorship or even a country that is rapidly becoming one i.e. America (shame on you).

I know it’s a cliché but it has to be part of a serious comment to point out the obvious.

People died in this country to uphold our right to Free Speech and anything, anyone, any post that uses that right of Free Speech to suggest Free Speech should be somehow curtailed is major CRAP.

If you do not criticise you are COMPLICIT. That is what happened in Germany in the 30’s (before) and we all know how that ended.

Please think before suggesting such a ridiculous and lazy idea as non-participation.

nuff said.


the stratfordian


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