the stratfordianThis is a very difficult piece to write and an awkward question to have to ask. Especially as I see myself as a ‘live and let live’ type of person. A person who because of his own life experience, thinks that in all his dealings with his fellow human beings, he is fair and non-judgemental. I have to be honest on this occasion and say in light of recent events that I feel truly tested and concerned that in recent months there has been A Resurgence of the Thick?

You know who/what I’m talking about.

That few, that happy few, that band of brothers.

That breed that somehow believe the ‘normal rules’ of living do not apply to them. The breed that dispenses of advice from experts and operate totally on their own gut instinct. They live as they wish with no regard for anyone else. They are loud and aggressive and have gone out of their way to re-translate/change meaning of certain elements of what it means to be British (the flag for example) to serve their own purposes.

The trouble with the above, is that it sounds as though they have thought themselves into this position. In other words, they know what they do and it is intentional. In which case, I have to say, I doubt it.

The ones I am making a hash at attempting to describe, are the ones who make statements on TV reports like the one I saw yesterday on a dangerously crowded beach in Bournemouth. This person, trying to justify his reason to be there in the middle of a pandemic said without irony and meaning, ‘I don’t know anyone who has had coronavirus’.

It is as though, education passed them by. Like they made a commitment to not listen to anything their teachers said. And worse than that, their teachers let them get away with it.

The rule that my mother taught me. The one that says, ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ is in their case, I’m ashamed to say, often broken. And this is why I am having difficulty writing this. It goes against everything this so-called liberal believes in.


Their buzz cuts, bald heads, fat stomachs, vests and football type rallying cries speak openly of violence and intimidation. Mostly drunk yet aware that their uber-unfitness means they know they are safer in a belching, farting crowd of undulating flesh than alone. In short. They are bullies and cowards. Damn it, they deserve the Stratfordian’s wrath for they are a blight upon the land. (Sorry, went a bit biblical there).

They are obviously of the right, but weirdly they don’t know it. Rather, to a man (sometimes women) they are, Graduates of the University of Life and all that, that means.

In their other guises they are easily spotted. Often in the background of TV interviewers doing a piece to camera. There they are, never embarrassed, clutching a mobile phone to their ear urgently phoning home to ask the occupants to, probably for the first time in their lives, turn the TV news on and get a hilarious surprise.

Of course, the sad fact is, those who I describe are merely, and I use this term loosely, ‘the foot soldiers.’ Their leaders are hidden away either in Parliament or in some board room somewhere, ready with the snide comment that will set the Thicks and their usually racist ball rolling.

I worry about this.

NOTE: Of course, lockdown hasn’t helped much with my internal insecurities but the events of recent days, make me wonder if not Zombies or Covid 19, then a resurgence of The Thick will overrun the isle.

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