‘A Pound for a Poo’ in Stratford upon Avon

By The Stratfordian | January 29, 2020

ely street bogElderly people in Stratford upon Avon are in for a shock the next time they find themselves ‘caught short’ out shopping or entertaining the grandkids feeding the ducks. In fact it might, considering the latest news from the Town Council be wise for older citizens to stay away from water.

The Town council have just announced that in the summer months it will cost ‘a Pound for a Poo’ in all of Stratford Town’s, public conveniences.

Ex-Mayor and well-known Stratford campaigner Mr Syrup Ohanaranaranaran is holding a vigil outside the Town Council Bunker (Elizabeth House) which includes throwing insults and toilet rolls at leading Town Councillors as they arrived for work.

Mr Ohanaranaranaran took a break from his activities to explain…

‘Someone has to do something about this outrageous increase in charges. It is just not fair on those of a certain age or those with a medical problem. At this rate the town will become deserted. I intend to stay outside the Council House until such time this ridiculous charge is reconsidered. I am sleeping in a tent and carrying out my ablutions in an old Elsan Toilet, which older readers will recognise as one of the world’s leading portable toilet brands’.


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