A Funny Old Day…


Just over a month ago I visited a recently taken over Stratford upon Avon Theatre & Entertainment establishment in an effort to find out about hire. Unfortunately, the very nice man on counter couldn’t help me as the person with the relevant knowledge wasn’t available. So I asked for a brochure. Anything that contained information that might allow me to know the price to hire a space to put a play on. Nothing available. ‘Fair enough’ said me to myself, ‘they haven’t been in business for that long so perhaps the relevant info was at the printers – I know, I’ll leave my card, so they can get in touch with me’. I did. They didn’t.

I visited again today, still keen for the information. This time no one on the counter. Empty. Deserted. I waited, telling myself…‘maybe they had been called away by er…nature’. But no. Nothing. I left. Seems a strange way to do business.


Went, as I often do to the Other Place for a coffee. Found a nice seat not far from a Mother and Son having ‘words’.

I paraphrase…

MOTHER:             How’s your Japanese girlfriend? What was her name…oh yes…Iwo Jima.

SON:                     You know full well that’s not her name. That was a Japanese Island fought over by the  Americans in WWII.

MOTHER:             Anyway, how are your friends at University?

SON:                      What friends?

MOTHER:             I don’t know…Tom & Jerry.

SON:                      I have no friends called Tom or Jerry.

I know it’s bad manners, to listen in but I was enjoying the conversation and hoped, to be honest, things might escalate, but sadly they finished their food and left…

Only to return a few moments later. I settled in for round two.

Only to hear them repeat the same conversation, word for word.

You guessed it. They were going over the lines of a script.

When it’s on I do not know but I will most certainly do my very best to find out and definitely go and see it.

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