Well that was nice. Nothing like a couple of weeks in Cornwall to blow the cobwebs away and begin to clear up the mess that is my brain. To those who know me, for the first time in a very long time I managed to relax (or at least my version of relax) and I feel better for it. I think I might have even managed to conquer a few of my anxieties but we shall have to wait and see what this return to ‘normal’ life brings.

Talking of normal life…

It’s interesting how much confusion is being sown by a well-meaning but dreadfully bumbling government with their more and more confusing advice concerning the dreaded Covid 19. I was surprised to hear this morning about ‘the trade-off’. It was announced that pubs may have to close if we want to get children back to school.  I’m afraid I found that a difficult one to get my head around.

Personally, and I do emphasise that this is a personal opinion, I think that Covid 19 is actually more serious than we are led to believe. And by that, I mean, it is much more complicated than we think. It seems to be surprising the so-called experts with its every move. I know it has become a bit of a cliché but I really do believe that it is down to us and our common sense. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of it about. My recent holiday proved that what with crowded beaches, lack of masks and social distancing.. There’s something that’s inbuilt into the UK character that says, *‘I’m, all right Jack’ – a real belief that somehow Brits are immune. (We are now 4th in the world with Covid 19 Death Rate – let that sink in).

My common sense is telling me that we are easing lockdown too soon. That there’s a battle going on between the Economy and your Health. A ‘Money or your Life’ Situation. In short, the Government is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Until the All-Clear, there are some hard-personal choices to be made. Your Choices.

I’ve made mine and I’m staying home as much as I possibly can.

*Just a thought from a couple of weeks in Cornwall.

Why does it appear that the ones who ignore the safety measures (no masks, no social distancing etc) are always fat, male balding Brits in their 40’s? Weird.

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  1. COVID 19 is never going to go away – it is one of the Corona viruses or ‘cold virus’ that we are surrounded with all the time. This particular strain though is affecting us very badly because it is a new virus to our immune systems. Time and a vaccine will ensure that we can live with it in the same way as we have done for millions of other virus in the past thousands of years.

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