The Stratfordian’s Art for sale & blog has been going for a few years now (in various forms) and apart from it being a space where I can sell my art it’s also a place where I can  express myself, which is where the blog comes in.

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The Stratfordian’s art.

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‘Disrupted sea scape’. 2022. Acrylic on 16″ x 20″ canvas. £50


Because I am what is usually described as an ‘untrained’ artist, for a long time I lacked the confidence to show my art. However, I eventually came to the conclusion that I had something worthwhile to say and say it I would. I decided the ‘untrained’ tag would not hold me back. I would not be silenced.

Iindeed, I believe that there are too many of us who have been thwarted from doing what we know we must do because ‘proper training’ has proved either too expensive, or we have been told (usually by people who should know better – career advisors etc)  ‘that it is not for the likes of us’. 

I also believe that many of the areas that require a creative spark (theatre, music, writing etc) have been hijacked by those who hear only the sound of cascading cash ringing in their ears.

I truly believe that as far as any kind of art is concerned… to say what needs saying requires no qualification, or formula, just the courage to stand up and do it. In my opinion it’s only the audience and their opinion that truly counts.

It is our job to get, in whatever way possible, our art to the masses. We must break down the barriers that keep the so-called elite locked in safely and the usurpers (us)  out, as we go. A difficult task but not impossible especially in the days of the internet and world-wide communication. 

Remember it is only the viewer, the audience who can truly judge and then, some will (like it) some won’t. The point is if you deem to call what you produce… ‘ART’ – then that is what it is. No-one has the right to tell you otherwise.

You are an Artist.

So…more than anything else…

Believe in yourself.

If there is a real enemy to be had in the artistic world it is without doubt, lack of belief. Too many of us have been made to feel like imposters. We have come from the ‘no where’ and perhaps as our head and others continually tell us, it’s there we ought to stay. Well **** ’em. If only they looked a little closer then they would see that History proves them  continually wrong. The outsider, the unusual, the different eventually wins.

We, ‘the untrained’ have a battle to fight. But what we lack in training we can make up for in stubbornness and the desire to be seen and heard.

‘Who goes there?/the watchman’ 2022. On small board. £25

So my friends, whatever you think of my work. Whatever you get from it (or don’t). Know this…

it is above all… HONEST.

Ian. (The Stratfordian).

‘Selfie’ June 2022. Acrylic on 16″ x 20″ canvas.

Please enjoy and comment on whatever you like.

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‘The last night’. 2021. Acrylic on A3 canvas. In despair of the coming of the electric car an automobile commits suicide. £30
‘First tree’ 2021. Acrylic on 16″ x 20″ canvas. £50 (Get the ‘T’ shirt HERE)
‘Breaking through’. 2022. Acrylic on 16″ x 20″ canvas. £50
‘What?’ 2021. Acrylic on small board. $20
‘Woman with a pickaxe’ . Watercolour (?) on A3 art paper £35   . (Get the ‘T’ shirt HERE).
‘Untitled’. 2021. Acrylic on A3 canvas. £40

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