62 quid!

62 quid

feeling ripped off?

On one hand, I’ve always been a great fan of the cinema/flicks/movies and on the other, like many of my age group, I stopped going quite a few years ago.

The main reason I think was the fact that I didn’t like the ‘new system’ that came in. A system that suddenly decided that I could only go and see One Movie per sitting for my money. No more two movies side by side. Once I could get an ‘A’ movie and a ‘B’ movie (whatever that was) and a guarantee that I would spend much more than an hour and a half in a nice warm, dark environment, snuggling up (or worse) to someone I fancied, (oh what tales I could tell-with an interval for ice cream).

On Monday I ventured out to see the Lego Movie (2) (Film immaterial – I did it for my Grandchildren). And it took me about an hour of the same ads you get on the tele (only bigger and louder), to decide I wish I hadn’t bothered. When the main (the only) film eventually began, the grandchild whose treat it was,  spread his popcorn all over the floor just before falling asleep. Out for the count while the film he really wanted to see played out over his snores. The whole sorry exercise costing me...wait for it£62.

62 quid!

…and I wasn’t even one of the hungry hordes who seemed to ordering a constant supply of fried food. As ‘waitresses’ flitted too and fro in front of the screen laden down with trays of drinks, the odour of burnt sausages’ made me think I was at the mop, expecting any minute my comfy (and sticky) sofa might begin to revolve.

All in all, it was a horrifying experience. The one grand-kid who remained conscious for the whole hour and a bit seemed unimpressed, while mister sleepy-birthday-boy has no recollection at all of the expensive birthday present and I still have a headache.

Never again. Netflix here I come.

62 quid!



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