Zahawi poised to take throne?

The Stratfordian
Un-official ‘Prince Charles Cuff link pose’
The Stratfordian
‘Official Cuff Link pose’.








I note that in the Stratford upon Avon Herald’s picture of education minister/chancellor/number 10 doorman/etc,etc Nadhim Zahawi has adopted the ‘Prince Charles grasp a cufflink ‘ pose. Does anyone else besides me find this alarming? How are we to take this? Behind the lizard- like smile is this really…

An unconscious but truthful sign as to where his true ambitions lie or perhaps a signal to his band of followers that he is, (perish the thought), ready.
Whatever the reasoning behind the display might I suggest that all monarchists take his lead and also make themselves…ready to deflect any disrespect or danger to her majesty’s throne.
God bless you ma’am. X

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