Playing around with abstract art

Over the past few weeks I’ve been playing around with abstract art (will be posting some pictures soon). I’ve been trying to understand the process (without being pretentious-I hope) whereby I and many others find abstract work pleasing. The answer – no idea.

What I’ve being doing is making an ‘anything’ mark on the paper, looking at it for a while and adding something, a colour or just another obscure mark. The weird thing it turns into something. It starts to have ‘value’.

Not always – in fact a lot of ‘not always’ happens.

But when it’s good you know. In my case I’m overwhelmed with satisfaction…I sort of know it has viability as a painting. There’s a great surge of satisfaction and I know I’m on to something.

It’s all very weird but goes along with my theory that vibration of sound (music) or vision (patterns of light or just painted patterns) do something to us.

We are very interesting beings with such a lot more to learn about ourselves.

I believe because we are still at the basic stage of just trying to survive we miss out on a lot of pleasure. Pleasure that I’m convinced is there to, for want of a better word, ‘reward’ us.

Life is hard, for some more than others and I just think if we could tune in to what is within we could have a lot more control over our minds and bodies.

We could even get to the stage where we could heal ourselves.

Rising as the cock crows

Dark and Light

The Stratfordian’s Abstract paintings

Author: IFH

A writer painter wandering aimlessly around Stratford upon Avon in a daze

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