My ‘Ancestors’.


the stratfordian's art
‘Alf Harris. Proprietor of long running pornography magazine ‘Quite Large’. Currently serving life sentence for numerous illegal amputations and possible murder. Mixed media on A3 acrylic paper.
the stratfordian's art
‘Lt Cl. Pierrepoint ‘tripod’ Harris. Commander of 105th regiment ‘The infernal interiors’. Court martialled for ‘dubious behaviour unbecoming of an officer 1852’. Mixed media on A3 canvas.
the stratfordian's art
From my series ‘Ancestors’ July 2021.
Sir Frederick Harris. Advisor to the king. On the morning of his execution for ‘dabbling with the queen 1542’. Mixed media on A3 acrylic paper.


The RED Series

‘Gangster’ series

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