wellesbourne-upon-snobberyI write this today as one hell of an angry parent. I’m fuming. If there was a competition for the most fuming parent, I would win it…and it concerns my daughter.

My daughter has recently been on the look out to rent a property to facilitate her move from ‘oop North to lovely, leafy Warwickshire. The idea being that she would be closer to her Mum, dad (me) and other members of her family. So far, so good.

Her efforts to find a property have not been easy for various reasons (I shall explain). However, a suitable property came up in Wellesbourne and negotiations began.

  • The fact that she had six children was accepted.
  • The fact that there was a dog…OK (although the deposit went up-but fair enough)

Everything seemed to be going ahead amicably.

Until she revealed she was a recipient of Housing Benefit.

The owners of the property soon changed their tune (as they have every right to)…and the offer was withdrawn.

I repeat…because my daughter received Housing Benefit the offer was withdrawn.

So, here’s the thing.

My daughter has a good job as does one of her older children, (three are at college/school, one will be looking for work on the move down here and one is a baby). The important thing is this …she has regular money coming into the house including her entitlement of Housing Benefit, which one would have thought the landlords would be looking on as an advantage?

So, I have to ask myself what on earth is the problem?

What have the Landlords got against recipients of Housing Benefits?

One can only assume in this case, snobbery. That somewhere in their sad little lives they have taken on board the fantasy that all receivers of government assistance are somehow…lacking. In what I’m not sure. Moral fibre. Stiff upper lip. An inheritance. God knows.

All I can say, is that because of their snobbery, their obvious idiotic views on ‘Class’ etc they have deprived my hard-working, well-educated daughter of a happy ending. And for that, I curse their bones…grrrr…

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