‘Tartuffe’ at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre is Brilliant. Go see.

tartuffe at the rscOn Tuesday evening me and a buddy went to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre (The Swan) to see ‘Tartuffe’ (The Hypocrite)…and boy, it turned out a fabulous evening. I haven’t laughed so much for a long time (it must have been good because the American woman sat next to me stayed for the entire first half even though it was obvious she didn’t get the humour/humor).

For those in the know, the play was written by Moliere (17th Century) and so I’m told it went down very well at the time (sort of). For your information the show has been re-written and the action transported to a Pakistani Household in Birmingham…(from here on in my lips are sealed).

If you want to know more…

1. Read this from the writers and…the RSC

2. Go get tickets.

Before I go, just some notes for the Royal Shakespeare Theatre (who are always banging on about bringing in new audiences) and especially their publicity department…

  • Don’t be so up your own Back-Side.
  • If you want more people to come to your shows, especially this kind of show, don’t be so bloody exclusive.
  • Spread the Word Far and Wide.
  • Tell people, (all sorts of people) what they are going to get.
  • You are in ‘Show-Business’ so SHOW…resist the urge to ‘keep it in the family’.
  • Get out more.
  • Maybe a newspaper ad might get it to a wider audience?

So once more. This is a great show and a wonderful evenings entertainment. Go. See.


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