Onward…and over the cliff we go…

I’m sorry to be so transparent but thank God that’s over. 2018, unless you won the lottery was, shit.

The world had the idiot Trump to contend with and the UK has Brexit and a robot for Prime Minister. The sad thing is, it’s not over yet. 2019 is where we pick up the pieces and try to repair the damage that’s on its way. Trouble is, we don’t know how bad it’s gonna be. Like waiting for a storm. We know it’s coming and we can do our best to be prepared but this is something new, we know it will cause problems we just don’t know to what extent.

I’m angry. I was quite happy plodding along being a European, I like most people didn’t have a complete 100% knowledge of how the EU worked but it felt good. I knew in terms of employment laws the EU was at the forefront of making life for workers bearable and that we had come a long way since the dark days of sending children up chimneys. I knew that the unlike so many of the idiots (leavers) the UK was not at the the mercy of the EU and was aware that the UK had a voice amongst the 27 and could veto if necessary. The fact that so many voted leave because of lack of knowledge and a built-in laziness to find out where we stood in all this this, really pissed me off. The long procession of ‘little Englanders’ on TV who really believed that leaving the EU would cut back on representations of Islam (and brown people) AND at the same time thought that the British Empire still existed made me sick. The level of uneducated viewpoints was, unbelievable. Anyone on the outside looking in would be forgiven for thinking that UK citizens all leave school at 10 to take up work in cotton mills. Appalling. Shameful.

Anyway, on a personal level, I was reminded of my own mortality with a heart problem. I’m still a bit shaken up and have been trying to get my head around the fact that we are only here for a short time. A bit morbid I know but hey, that’s how I roll (the pills help). If there’s a good side to this then it’s I’m more driven than ever to get some plays on this year.

So, with a new year’s resolution rattling around my head that says ‘keep the blog up‘, I wish what readers I have a happy 2019 and do your best to survive what’s coming.

Ian. X

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