Nest of Vipers

As we are all aware the new year is a time to reassess. A time to look a little deeper into our lives and see what can be changed for the better. Unfortunately, and at the moment we are in very strange times what with an idiot in the White House and a government in the UK that has given up the ghost. All of which doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room if you care about the hardships some people have to live with and the root causes of those hardships.

I am lucky. Although I live surrounded by a Nest of Vipers (Tory Country) I’m OK. I’m older now and don’t have the same bunch of worries I had when I was up-and-coming. I like living in Stratford and have learnt to put up with the Tory hierarchy who dread change and live for profit. (My part in this devil’s bargain is to oppose in whatever way I can their local decisions). It truly pains and puzzles me how such an attractive market town like Stratford upon Avon doesn’t give a shit and as though to prove it votes Conservative constantly. If Stratford upon Avon had its own rock it would be blue all the way through.  Like they say around these parts, ‘put a blue-ribboned donkey up for MP for S-on-A and it would be voted in’. [See Nadhim Zahawi…boy do I have to grit my teeth and zip it whenever there’s a local sighting of our over-ambitious Member of Parliament (even worse when he’s pontificating on TV].

Anyway, if you are wondering what the point of this ramble is? I can only say, confusion. And a need to let it all out.

I , I guess like so many others and should the chance arrive, want desperately to do the right thing. Yet, for perhaps the first time in my life I feel democracy has let me down. Given the chance to vote whenever the next general election arrives (sooner rather than later?) I really don’t know who will get my cross.

Once a life-long Labour supporter, they can now go run. Corbyn, for me is a massive disappointment. His ineptitude, wetness and inability to grab the moment in Parliament is astounding. And don’t get me started on his support for Brexit. I honestly don’t know what to do. Lib Dems was a possibility but one look at Cable’s voting record is enough to give me the runs. ‘Bedroom Tax’? Really?

I really didn’t want to ramble so early in the new year so for that I apologise. As far as Stratford upon Avon goes, it looks like you have me until my last breath. You are officially my home town. And, in answer to our keen Lib Dem rep, Dom Skinner’s question, ‘how can we improve Stratford?’…Easy. No more statues. (See Tony Bird).

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