Breaking News. Amanda Chalmers to leave as Editor of the Herald

For all my mickey-taking of the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald and its gossamer-like pages.

For all my ‘hilarious’ comments about its constant and on-going unsuccessful search for News in the news-free zone that is Stratford-upon-Avon.

For all my ‘jokes’ regarding possible headlines...’Man’s hat blows off in High Street’…

I don’t apologise…

But…I would like to praise Amanda Chalmers and the new ‘feel’ she gave to The Stratford-upon-Avon Herald. In my view she (almost) turned a lacklustre, boring, Dickensian broadsheet into something a little more Community driven. Dare I say the paper (almost) became Crusading in its editorial content and in its efforts to present an actual point of view.

I’d like to think that she was driven out of her post but of course I have no evidence for that. Mind you,  there the sad fact that the paper remains steadfastly Broadsheet (not a decision Ms Chalmers might have made?), instead of the more sensible Tabloid. Although such decisions were, I believe way above her pay grade, one can’t help being bothered by other rulings the Hearst-like Boyden family have made. It is often rumoured that the Boydens have banned computers from the Herald premises based on their belief that they are works of the devil, whilst at the same time, insisting all male staff should wear starched winged-collars whilst on the premises. (No staff available to comment at this time).

Anyway, a sad day. Together we could have achieved so much. Whatever your reasons for leaving Ms Chalmers good luck in your new life. Take heart that there were a small band of readers that greatly appreciated your efforts.


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